Sunday, 1 February 2015

Sewing Sunday: Princess Pin Cushion with Tutorial

Happy Sunday everybody! This week's project really sweet and handy. It's a pin cushion with a bit of a twist... It has a scourer on the inside which, in effect, sharpens your pins as you use it... Handy right!

And you can create your own.. 

2 x co-ordinating fabric pieces (preferably cotton)
Sewing Needle
Sewing thread
Wadding/Toy Stuffng
Button or embellishment

1. Measure the width of the scourer and use this measurement + 1/2"seam allowance to draw a circle on a piece of paper with a compass.

2. Cut out the circle and fold it in half three times. When you open it out, it should have 8 segments. Cut out one of these segments and this will act as a pattern piece.

3.  Cut x8 of the pattern piece from both fabrics. (You should have 16 segments ready to sew.)

4. Either by hand or machine, sew 8 of the segments together with 1/4" seam allowance, alternating as you go. Repeat to make a second circle.

5. Sew the circles right side together, leaving three segments open to insert the scourer. 

6. Clip the edges and turn the right way round, insert the scourer and some wadding/toy stuffing to fill it out and hand sew the open edge shut.

7. Sew your button embellishment to the centre of one of the circles, pulling the thread through to the other side as you sew to create more of a doughnut shape.
Tip: make sure your thread is doubled up for extra strength

And Voila!


  1. Simple, and beautiful! I love your button. I'm going to make one ASAP, thank you for the pattern! <3