Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sewing Sunday: Grey Cardigan / Shawl

Guess who has tonsillitis for the 4th time this year...
My immune system is only a year and a half old so I am trying to be as patient as possible, it does get  a little frustrating though! 

Since I got my new machine I have been flying through all the projects I pre-cut in anticipation of it's arrival. Today I give you Grey Cardigan / Shawl thingy... I'm really not sure what it is to be honest..!

The pattern is Butterick B5992 and in my usual fashion, I have made adjustments. The biggest being that I decided to hem the edges instead of sewing the bands. In comparison with the picture they give on the pattern, I prefer how it looks this way, but it's just a matter of personal preference.

The fabric is a grey jersey I bought 6? years ago.. Eek! 
It's soft and lightweight to wear, and to flap about in. (The last pic is my fave - I think I look a bit like a crazy bird). Again, personal preference!

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