Sunday, 24 May 2015

Sewing Sunday: Candy-Striped Bows

This has been an amazing and memorable week for me. I went to my first gig in TWO YEARS! Has it been that long?! It was a great night seeing Seinabo Sey perform (one of my current favourite artists!) and going for dinner afterwards. It's a huge milestone for me and I'm looking forward to more good times! (Pictures below)

This week has also had the most amazing and miserable weather. It's a new season everyday in England - sometimes more than once a day! As I write this, it's looking pretty threatening outside, when yesterday was t-shrt weather.. What is going on?!

These cute little bow clips are so sweet! I just love how they turned out! The hardest part was matching the stripes on the front and back as it's pretty obvious if you're out by a fraction. They're great for pattern matching practice! I decided to try something a little different by adding a bow (green ribbon bow) on a bow and it works really well! Nice for the days when there is summer weather!

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