Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sewing Sunday: Mojito Embroidery Hoop

A Mojito is hands down my favourite cocktail to have! It seemed only right that I made this embroidery hoop after seeing it in the June 2015 issue of Sew Magazine.
I'm not too well practised in the art of embroidery so it was a good opportunity to get to grips with some basic stitches in a cool design.

I thought that the stitch guide they gave in the magazine wasn't that great as it was in green and yellow, making it hard to trace over, so instead I traced over the picture(!) which was a better size and a lot quicker than scanning and enlarging or printing off anything.

I never realised how addictive and relaxing embroidery can be! I found myself stitching away for a few hours every night and not even realising that the time had passed! I definitely want to do more projects like this.. Time to get designing!

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