Sunday, 9 August 2015

Sewing Sunday: Happy Birthday Card

I got my incredible sewing machine for my birthday earlier this year after my old one died, and I haven't really been using it to it's potential in terms of the embroidery it offers. It has 200, yes, TWO HUNDRED different stitches including the alphabet in upper and lower case. Not to mention a range of animals, foliage, and 8 types of buttonhole...!

I think one great way to use the alphabet stitches is by making cards with an embroidered twist... 
 I'm still getting used to the spacing (this was my 2nd attempt) but I'm pretty pleased with it!
All I did was cut a rectangle in the card and glue the embroidery on the inside of the card so the message showed through the window. 

This particular card is for my Grandma, who was a very talented seamstress. Now she does lots of knitting, hence the wool and knitting needles, bought from Hobbycraft.

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