Sunday, 18 December 2016

Sewing Sunday: Lisbon Top

Hey guys, hope you're all keeping well and enjoying some winter festivities!
Life has been a crazy, amazing, very busy adventure over the last few months but I'm trying to keep up. I know I haven't updated on here for a little while but I'm a regular on Instagram if you want to stay posted!

I've been so excited to share this top with you, it's definitely one of my most recent faves. The pattern is vintage simplicity with double darts in the front and back as well as these cute ass ruffle sleeves.

The fabric is a table cloth I bought on a recent holiday in Portugal; the tile print and gorgeous blue had me wide eyed.
We even managed to stumble across a fabric shop out there (I swear I have a radar) where I found the beautiful white broderie fabric and so the 'Lisbon Top' was born.

When I was cutting the fabric, I was way too lazy to try and pattern match because the tile pattern is so varied and in different directions - I didn't think it could be done. I was pretty surprised when after I'd cut all the pieces it flowed perfectly. I literally have no idea how or why but I'm not complaining!

It was really hard to decide on the buttons but I was browsing in Liberty London one evening and I saw the little clear blue flowers, pretty cute :) 

^^On holiday in Nice^^

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