Sunday, 1 January 2017

Sewing Sunday: Colourful Patterned Jacket

Happy new year everybody! I hope you all had fun welcoming in 2017 and there's not too many sore heads!

This week's project is a tres cool patterned coat. Its a mix of flowers, vines, buds and ribbony leaves. My favourite part is the splash of gold thread that catches in the light mixed in with the green/pinky/purple hues.

Choosing the lining was fun, I took a swatch of the coat fabric and went round Shepherd's Bush Market on my lunch break holding it up and getting people's opinions. I couldn't decide on purple or red but in the end I think the best colour won. I love how you can glimpse it in the pocket lining

The pattern is the same as I used for my Gold Tones Coat, this time with a collar. I found it to be  better sew this time around, especially as the fabric was more manageable and a lighter weight than upholstery fabric(!).


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