Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sewing Sunday: Fairtrade Chakra Hand Block Top

Last year I made some 'life choices' that have been hard to stick to at times but I've managed to change for what I believe is the better. One of these choices was to only buy fair trade clothing, which can be pretty limiting and expensive if you're buying brand new. Thankfully I am a bit of a charity shop ninja, I sew, and there are great places producing slow, fairtrade fashion.

With this change I also started to look at the material I was buying and where it's from. I buy a lot of second hand and vintage fabric anyway but I decided to purchase only these alongside fair trade.
I must admit I've slipped at times, but I'm trying and that's the main thing!

So without further ado, here is my first fairtrade fabric top.
The fabric is a Chakra Hand Block Canvas from Offset Warehouse and it's gorgeous. The fact that it's organic and that so much care has gone into producing it only adds to the charm.

I decided to make a top from the vintage Simplicity 3928 pattern, same as for the Lisbon top :)

It took an insane amount of care to pattern match like my life depended on it but it definitely paid off! I had a real hard time with choosing the right buttons, I went to Liberty London and picked up a couple of options but in the end the small, round covered buttons won. There was so much going on in the (perfectly matched!) pattern that it was better to go for something more unassuming and understated.

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